3.2.12. DMX_GET_STC Name

DMX_GET_STC Synopsis


int ioctl(int fd, DMX_GET_STC, struct dmx_stc *stc) Arguments


File descriptor returned by open().


Pointer to dmx_stc where the stc data is to be stored. Description

This ioctl call returns the current value of the system time counter (which is driven by a PES filter of type DMX_PES_PCR). Some hardware supports more than one STC, so you must specify which one by setting the num field of stc before the ioctl (range 0...n). The result is returned in form of a ratio with a 64 bit numerator and a 32 bit denominator, so the real 90kHz STC value is stc->stc / stc->base. Return Value

On success 0 is returned.

On error -1 is returned, and the errno variable is set appropriately.


Invalid stc number.

The generic error codes are described at the Generic Error Codes chapter.