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Appendix A  Introduction

Welcome to the code commentary section of the book. If you are reading this, you are looking for a heavily detailed tour of the code. The commentary presumes you have read the equivilant section in the main part of the book so if you just started reading here, you're probably in the wrong place.

Each appendix section corresponds to the order and structure as the book. The order the functions are presented is the same order as displayed in the call graphs which are referenced throughout the commentary. At the beginning of each appendix and subsection, there is a mini table of contents to help navigate your way through the commentary. The code coverage is not 100% but all the principal code patterns that are found throughout the VM may be found. If the function you are interested in is not commented on, try and find a similar function to it.

Some of the code has been reformatted slightly for presentation but the actual code is not changed. It is recommended you use the companion CD while reading the code commentary. In particular use LXR to browse through the source code so you get a “feel” for reading the code with and without the aid of the commentary.

Good Luck!

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