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  1. FTP limited on mirrors.kernel.org

    We've had to temporarily limit FTP access to mirrors.kernel.org due to high IO load.

    We have recently upgraded our hardware in order to increase capacity -- 16TB was no longer nearly sufficient enough to host all the distro mirrors and archives. We chose larger but slower disks and ...

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  2. Happy new year and good-bye bzip2

    Good-bye bzip2

    We started listing xz-compressed versions of kernel archives in all our announcements back in March 2013, and the time has come to complete the switch. Effective immediately, we will no longer be providing bzip2-compressed versions for new releases of the Linux kernel and other software. Any previously released ...

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  3. Heartbleed statement

    Since we rely on the OpenSSL library for serving most of our websites, we, together with most of the rest of the open-source world, were vulnerable to the HeartBleed vulnerability. We have switched to the patched version of OpenSSL within hours of it becoming available, plus have performed the following ...

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